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Legacy Days Vintage Baseball Festival

Legacy Days Vintage Baseball Festival

Event Dates

November 10, 2017 - November 12, 2017

Event Location

Branson RecPlex
1500 Branson Hills Pkwy
Branson, MO 65616

Event Description

Vintage Base Ball is a pastime, with its beginnings and progressions mimicking those that occurred in America over 160 years ago.  Teams competing today wear period reproduction uniforms, use period authentic equipment and follow baseball rules from the 19th century in order to accurately present the history of baseball to the public.

Most vintage base ball clubs play the game of baseball according to the rules of the late 1850s, 1860s and 1880s.

The mid-nineteenth century game was considerably different than today’s game. The game evolved steadily from the 1850s through the turn of the century into the game as we know it today.

The 1st Annual Community Legacy Days Vintage Baseball Festival is coming to the Ozarks

Friday: 11/10/17 -- For teams coming in Friday:

Saturday: 11/11/17

Sunday: 11/12/17

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