Letter from president Lee, Myung-bak Republic of Korea

July 12, 2010

June 15th, 2010

To my dearest friend,

Sixty years ago, you came to an unknown land to preserve freedom and peace. We still remember your gallantry and sacrifice.

We always remember you.

The unexpected war put everything into chaos and we had to put our lives on the line to protect the future of our nation.

Then, you gave a warm helping hand to us in times of hardship and despair. It’s still vivid in my memory that you came to help us in the name of friendship.

When our country’s peace was at stake, you came running into danger that might separate you from your loved ones for good. In a country you never heard of, despite challenging weather and fear of war, you devoted yourself to defend our freedom and the Republic of Korea.

Do you remember the time we spent together? Even though we didn’t speak the same language, we were all of one mind. We fought days and nights in severe cold, enduring injuries. We shed tears for the death of our innocent fellow soldiers.

Your valor and sacrifice served as a foundation for us to regain hope.

In the poorest country, that was expected to take 100 years to rise from the ashes of war, we exerted every effort to recover from the war. With the sweat we shed, we began to make a history of miracle amid the ruins of war.

Sixty years after the war, today, Korea emerged as the 10th largest economic power in the world and became the chair of G-20 as well as a proud member of the United Nations

Now, Korea is leaping toward a better future.

Korea became the first country to transform itself from an aid recipient to an aid donor, and is reaching out to help other across the globe. As you did for us 60 years ago.

We will always remember your noble sacrifice and warm heart that offered help in the name of friendship.

My dearest friend, you will always be our hero.

A small and poor nation,

A nation barely known to the outside world,

A nation afflicted by the loss and devastation of war.

Sixty years ago, this was what the Republic of Korea was known as.

To defend our freedom, servicemen and women from the 21 UN-affliliated nations shed their blood in an unknown land. Based on their sacrifices and service, the Republic of Korea in the past 60 years has made an utmost endeavor to write a new chapter in history.

As a member of the United Nations, Korea has stepped up efforts to expand its global role in establishing world peace and promoting common prosperity.

Korea has become the first developing country to transform itself from aid recipient to aid donor.

We, Korea, pledge to repay your support and friendship by doing our best to serve as a mature member of the international community.

With this opportunity, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your noble sacrifice and selfless devotion.

We will always remember you.

Lee, Myung-bak
Republic of Korea

Special lady for each Arlington soldier

July 8, 2010

Volunteers honor troops and make sure none is buried alone. Click the link below to read the entire story.

ARLINGTON, Va. — Joyce Johnson remembers the drums beating slowly as she walked with her girls from the Old Post Chapel, behind the horse-drawn caisson carrying the flag-draped casket of her husband.

She remembers struggling to maintain her composure as she stared at his freshly dug grave, trying not to dwell on the terrible sight in the distance — the gaping hole in the Pentagon where he had so proudly worked.

The three-volley salute. Taps. The chaplain handing her a perfectly folded flag. The blur of tributes.

And then a lady stepped forward, a stranger, dressed not in uniform but in a simple dark suit. She whispered a few words and pressed two cards into Johnson’s hands.

Veteran Benefits: Introduction

July 2, 2010

To All,

First, thank for the introduction here on your site, and for the opportunity to further assist all veterans with providing them information concerning the VA claims processing system. Thank you also for all the time, energy and love you give to every veteran you meet. Your dedication is truly without bounds.

With the help and support of numerous Service Officers and The Military Order of The Purple Heart’s National Service Program, I will do my best to post new information, answer questions, and provide guidance on claims development and processing for veterans, thereby increasing the likelihood of their obtaining of their being granted service connection benefits for disabilities incurred while on active duty.

I include in this message my email address for veterans to email me with specific questions or information they may want more information on. I will post responses and give guidance to help answer these questions. In between the questions I will post general information that will inform veterans on how the VA claims process works and guidance for certain issues.

Again, thank you for your dedication to all veterans and affording me the opportunity to help serve our veterans of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Send questions to email

Sincerely ,

Juliana Hensler
National Service Officer
Military Order of the Purple Heart

Recent Events and Updates

June 28, 2010

I would like to share with you that the Hand In Hand Branson Honors Purple Heart Event was a huge success. We had an increase of about 30 more attendees and added on another day. Our opening ceremony was very successful. We had 4 Service Officers from the National Military Order of the Purple Heart and The National Director was here as well. They presented a panel discussion on how to get your benefits. A question and answer time was allotted and it was very informative. Because of this discussion we asked Juliana Hensler one of the Service Officers to start a blog on how to get your benefits. She has agreed to do so. We will start with her picture and bio. When you click on this link, it will take you to her bio and then every two weeks the information will change. I believe she will do this in series. We are really looking forward to this new and exciting piece of information and hope it will be helpful to you as well.

We have also started “Hand in Hand for Veterans Foundation.” We are having our first board meeting this week and wow we are so excited about all the wonderful things we will eventually be able to do for the veterans. We are in the infancy stage at this time, but we will eventually be able to make an impact and we are really looking forward to sharing the progress of this huge undertaking.

Our 235th Marine Corps Birthday Ball will again take place on November 10th, 2010. Our guest speaker is Col James Sims, Marine (ret). We are so honored to have him here at our Ball. Col Sims, is the National Commander of the Purple Heart. He was commissioned a Second Lieutenant and served in the U.S. Marines for 26 yrs., retiring in 1988 as a Colonel. Including his many assignments, he was also an instructor at the Marine Corps Command & Staff College & Aide to the White House Chief of Staff. When Col Sims retired he was the Chief of Political Military Analysis for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was wounded in December of 1966 while a Company Commander in Viet Nam. Those are just some of his credentials. If you are interested in attending the ball, it is open to Marines, Veterans and the General Public. All tickets are $60 per person, including the Birthday Ceremony, dinner, ball & dancing, cash bar. For tickets or information please call 800-619-5708 or go to or

If you are into “social networking,” Veteran’s Galleria has a Facebook page as well. I encourage you to join this page and post your comments.

Also Freedom Congress will be here in Branson, MO on July 3rd at the Keeter Center with guest speakers, Oliver North Retired Lt Col, Jim DeMint U.S. Senator, William G Boykin, Retired Lt General and Dr Stu Weber Pastor/Author. The cost is only $10 and will start at 9:30 a.m. and go to 3:00 p.m. This is an awesome opportunity.

Veteran Benefits

June 28, 2010

Juliana Hensler
National Service Officer
Belleville Illinois Office, Blv Il
Military Order of the Purple Heart

National Service Officer Juliana Hensler is a native of central Missouri and Southern Illinois. She graduated from Smithton High School, in Smithton MO in 1981. Juliana and her husband, Edward are proud parents of two sons; Jake, 14 years old and Luke, 10 years old, both boys are still in school and reside with their parents.

Juliana joined the United States Air Force, active duty in 1983 and worked 4 years as a Law Enforcement Specialist. She later cross-trained into the Air Traffic Control field as was certified as a Tower and Radar Controller. In 1991, she was deployed in the initial Gulf War as a Air Traffic Controller and spent 7 months in the Middle East. She left active duty in 1992 to become a civilian and mother, but remained in the Air Force Reserve as a Small Arms Instructor. After the birth of her second son, she left reserve service with a total of 15 years active and reserve.

Juliana has worked the last 16 years as a 911/Police Dispatcher for the local community she resides in prior to joining the Military Order of the Purple Heart Family. She has been a National Service Officer for over 3 years working out of Jefferson Barracks VA Medical Center in St Louis Missouri, and her current office in Belleville Illinois.

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