Claims for Ischemic Heart Disease

December 13, 2010

Hello Everyone,

Been extremely busy here with work and holidays, as I am sure everyone is the same.

Wanted to get a quick note out and let all the Vietnam veterans who have filed claims for ischemic heart disease know that their claims are being finally completed. Within the last week, we have started to receive decisions based on these claims. It took the VA a year to write and complete the regulations for these types of claims, presumptive to Agent Orange. Now that the regulations are complete decisions are being completed. If you have an ischemic heart disease, presumptive to Agent Orange claim pending, you should be receiving a decision soon.

I am enclosing a link for Navy Vietnam veterans who have been limited on filing for Agent Orange exposure. Use to be you had to have “boots on ground” to claim Agent Orange exposure, meaning actually been in county Vietnam. The VA has now provided a list of Navy ships that can claim Agent Orange exposure. Please, if you know a Navy veteran from the Vietnam era, please print the list and ask them if they were on any of these ships at the time. If so, they can claim numerous conditions (diabetes, numerous cancers to include prostate, lung, and heart disease etc). Here is the link:

For now, everyone have a safe and Merry Christmas….see ya at the New Year.


Juliana Hensler
National Service Officer
Military Order of the Purple Heart

Branson MO elementary students meet Ozarks Honor Flight veterans

December 9, 2010

Read the Full Article and Watch the Video Here

By Jay Scherder, KY3 News
10:23 p.m. CST, December 7, 2010

BRANSON, MO — There was an emotional meeting this week between two World War 2 veterans and the students who sent them to see their memorial in Washington, D.C. Kids at Branson Elementary West raised more than $1,000 for Ozarks Honor Flight.

Explaining what veterans did in World War 2 to elementary students isn’t an easy task.

“It is something at this age level that is difficult to understand,” said Branson West Elementary teacher April Mulnik.

That didn’t stop Branson Elementary West students from helping send two veterans on an Ozarks Honor Flight.

“We had a veteran and a guardian who had been on the trip this summer come in and speak at a character assembly to kick the whole thing off,” Mulnik said.

Area residents John Whitson and Orville Mitchell got to travel to the nation’s capital, reliving the memories of the Great War.

“We’d fire, we’d blast them with those eight-inch guns,” Whitson told the students. “We could really tear the mountain up.”

“They bombed and bombed and cleared the way for us to go, which made it a lot easier,” Mitchell said.

When they came home from Ozarks Honor Flight, they got to come back to hundreds of their biggest fans.

“They drew pictures,” Mitchell said, “I’ve got 50 at home and they just handed these now to me here.”

The students collected change.

“Some of them just brought a bunch of pennies,” Mitchell said, “and that’s all it took was a penny. And it didn’t cost me a penny to go over there.”

They collected more than $1,000. A local church donated the rest.

It may be a war that they will always remember, but it’s a trip they won’t soon forget.

“This is an honor. To come here, that’s really the honor. Fighting — that was a duty,” said Mitchell.

Bass Pro Shop Discounts for Veterans

December 8, 2010

Gene sent in the tip below:

I was in Bass Pro the other day and as I was checking out I thought “I wonder if they give any kind of veteran discount?”. So I asked the girl if they would give a military discount and she says “sure, as long as you have some I.D.”. I showed her my VA card and wah-lah…..I got 10% off. You might tell anyone that you know who shops at Bass Pro to check it out the next time. I don’t know if they do that for all veterans or if it is only active duty, retired, and 100% disabled. But, it would certainly be worth a try. -Gene

Bass Pro Shops often run discounts for Military Personal and Veterans. Check with your local store to see what promotions they currently have available. Visit the URL below to find your local store and give them a call.

Note: Anytime you make a purchase at a retailer, be sure to inquire with them if they have any kind of Military Personnel or Veteran discounts available. You’d be surprised how many of them honor our Veterans and give back with discounts or other special promotions.

What a week we had in Branson, MO

December 2, 2010

November 5 – 11 is always our Veterans Week. It is the largest week long celebration in the United Stated. Branson always honors Veterans, but during this week we all out do ourselves. The 235th Marine Corps Birthday Ball was outstanding. It was an honor to have the Past National Military Commander of the Purple Heart as our guest speaker, Col James Sims, Marine, ret. Hand in Hand for Veterans, brought in the Liberty Bell Thank you to Phyllis and Dave Hall. They own this magnificent bell and travel the U.S. attending funerals, events, schools and any where they are asked to be so they can pay respect and teach others.

I had the honor of doing some podcasting. Please click on our Podcast Link as you open the page and listen to the podcasts. Terry Gould has out a book that is one of the best I have ever read. John Moons came into the office and explained the Neads Program, which is how they train dogs with inmates so that Veterans will have a Service Dog if there is a need. I feel so blessed to know so many wonderful Veterans and people who are Veteran supporters. It’s so much fun to share everything I learn.

Our next project is the Hand in Hand Branson Honors Purple Heart Recipients. The dates are April 28-30th. I moved it due to the Easter Week. I think I mentioned this in one of my earlier blogs. I soon will have the registration page up and you will be able to register for fishing and the woman’s outing as well. Our format has worked very well these past three yrs, so we will continue to do the same thing this yr. I was presented a beautiful picture of the Purple Heart Stamp from Tony Orlando at his Veterans Show 11/11/10. What a surprise. It really is for all of you Purple Heart Recipients. I accepted on your behalf and am very humbled.

I’m not for sure who our closing speaker will be, but I will let you know as time goes on. Our Opening Ceremony will again be the National MOPH on benefits. This was so well received and we had many requests to do it again. Our focus will be on family benefits and disabled, so please invite all your friends. We want to help everyone who has a need.

Please keep checking for updates on the event as well as We will have rates for hotel rooms as well.

Veteran's Week 2010

December 1, 2010

Veteran’s week was a HUGE success!!!!!!!!! So many wonderful things happened for The Tyler Project.

Pictured: Chuck and Mary Schantag, P.O.W. Network with me and the 2010 Patriotism Award

On Saturday, November 6th, I was asked to speak at The Elks Lodge Breakfast. After I left The Elks Lodge, I, along with two other members of The Tyler Project, got to attend the Persian Gulf War Mini Reunion. To me, the best part of the Mini Reunion was that some of the other members got to follow my lead and go out into the community and spread the word. When I was asked to talk a little about our 2nd annual Christmas shipment, the two members with me got to go up on stage and do most of the talking. Yea!!!!! Hopefully, those members will be able to talk to groups of people about The Tyler Project all by themselves.

On Monday, November 8th, My parents and I had the honor to attend the 14th Annual Military Gala and Banquet where I got to not only join Mayor Presley in signing the community covenant, but was awarded the 2010 Patriotism Award.

On Wednesday, November 10th, I spoke at the Rotary Club meeting about The Tyler Project. At that meeting, I met some students from Hollister High school who were inspired by The Tyler Project’s commitment, and decided to start collecting items for a winter shipment at their school. That same evening, my parents and I were lucky enough to attend the 235th Marine Corps Birthday Ball. At the ball, I learned a lot about the Marines and their traditions. A thumbs-up to Awesome Possum for a job well done in putting the Ball together. At the Birthday Ball, I got to meet some people with Proclaim Liberty. Proclaim Liberty is a traveling Liberty Bell with a primary purpose to honor those who have paid the ultimate price for our Liberty, and to support those who serve in our military to protect Liberty. I was given the privilege of ringing the bell in memory of Tyler. The Ball was an amazing experience.

Pictured: Principal Bronn, Young Patriot, Sgt. Hogan and Sgt. Manney

The Veteran’s Day assembly at Branson Jr. High school took place on Veteran’s Day and was put together by The Tyler Project. The assembly went perfectly! We had some very important people attending the assembly. Among those people were Sgt. Daniel Hogan and Sgt. Fredrick Manney. Those two Sgt.s not only served along side Tyler in Afghanistan, but were recipients of The Tyler Project shipments. After introducing them to the members, we entered the gymnasium for the assembly. The assembly started with a welcome from our principal, and then several Patriot Guard members entered with their flags and stood at attention for the duration of the assembly. We had a short video from the band Synthetic Elements of Denver Colorado. Synthetic Elements has used their musical talent to raise money for The Tyler Project to help cover our shipping costs. Once the video ended, I got the honor of introducing our keynote speaker, who was none other than Sgt. Hogan. His speech was amazing, and really told how the packages from The Tyler Project affected him. The speech ended with a short but very emotional video from Captain Trujillo and some other troops who received The Tyler Project shipments. The video and speech brought tears to my eyes. We ended the assembly with presenting our principal with a plaque to show our appreciation for all of his hard work with The Tyler Project. To finish the experience off, we loaded all of the students onto buses and took them to the Veteran’s Day Parade downtown. I had many people come up to me and say just how amazed and affected they were by The Veteran’s day assembly and parade.

All in all, it was an awesome week for the Tyler Project. We got out into the community to spread the need for patriotism, met some amazing people, and raised over $2,000. WOW.

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