Hand in Hand Branson Honors Purple Heart Recipients is moving along. We are having fun coming up with new ideas and people are asking to participate…..what an event we have in store. Remember the Opening Ceremonies is for Purple Heart Recipients, as well as disabled veterans, so please come prepared to ask questions.

If you are a Facebook user, we are on Facebook as well. You can share your pictures and make comments (nice ones of course).

My last blog I challenged each of you to do something for the women that are at home, to help lighten their load or to help them feel special. I have not heard from anyone. Maybe this is a project for your church, your card party, your neighborhood. PLEASE step outside the box and do some little thing. We here at Veterans Galleria are in the process of planning a Pal’s Getaway. If a wife of a soldier and her girlfriend or pal or even by herself would like to come to Branson we will pick up a night’s hotel, coupon book, 2 show tickets and if she sees something else she would like to do, we will try and assist her so she has the best time ever!! I’m sure you could offer an evening of babysitting, a dinner and a movie, a Spa treatment.

Did you notice we now have a link to the Department of Defense? Did you go to dotwarrior and listen to the wonderful world they are going to be creating for you, the veteran? Please check out the new links we have added to the site. There are so many places that want to offer help to the veteran.