What a great group of Veteran supporters we have here in Branson, Mo.

Again, Branson.com is sponsoring “the Hand in Hand Branson Honors Purple Heart Recipients” Event. The dates are April 22-24th 2010. Here’s what makes me so proud to be a part of this community. The Factory Merchants Mall doesn’t hesitate to give the room for registration, FREE… The Hamner Barber Theatre calls and then stops by, their mission, to let me know they want the Purple Heart Opening Ceremony at their theatre again this year and also the Entertainment Show. They literally are closing their shows, thus loosing revenue for their theatre for those two times during that week. Then to top that off they are inviting Purple Heart Recipients to their show and a ticket price of only $15 on Thursday evening. When a theatre in Branson volunteers their theatre folks, that is huge. They pay for concession employees, lights, sound, cleaning, and in this case loss of their income for those two time slots. The Taney County Sheriff is a motorcycle rider…..he says I want to do this event for you and so it’s already in place. The Branson landing is so excited that Tammy already called me and we have her part of the event in place also.

Please check Did you Know? for information regarding the live radio show with the veterans in Afghanistan on Friday the 18th of December. A great moment to be shared