The Headquarters Marine Corps, Division of Public Affairs, is currently organizing a series of commemorative events in honor of the 50th anniversary of Operation SHUFLY, the first U.S. Marine Corps engagement in combat operations leading to the Vietnam War.

In an effort to honor all Marines who served in support of Operation SHUFLY, our office is in the process of locating Marines from the squadrons that participated in this Operation. We are contacting Marine publications in hopes you can help by including the short paragraph below in your upcoming publication of the Marine Corps Gazette. We desire to get in contact with as many Marines as possible in hopes they can participate in Operation SHUFLY commemorative events next year.

If you served in one of the squadrons listed below as part of this Operation, DivPA is interested in speaking with you to discuss your possible participation in a commemorative event in 2012.

Interested Marines should contact Jeanette Casselano at 703-614-1034 or by email at

USMC Squadron Time of Rotation
MABS-16, Sub Unit 2 9 Apr 1962 – 30 Nov 1964
HMM-362 9 Apr 1962 – 31 Jul 1962
HMM-163 1 Aug 1962 – 11 Jan 1963
HMM-162 12 Jan – 6 Jun 1963, 1 Jul – 7 Oct 1964
HMM-261 7 Jun 1963 – 30 Sep 1963
HMM-361 1 Oct 1963 – 31 Jan 1964
HMM-364 1 Feb 1964 – 30 Jun 1964
HMM-365 8 Oct 1964 – 30 Nov 1964

Your assistance in spreading this message is greatly appreciated and we hope you can support. Thanks in advance, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Lina Suarez
Headquarters Marine Corps
Division of Public Affairs
Community Relations